Malaysia My Second Home

Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme is promoted by Malaysian Government offers non-Malaysians who fulfil certain criteria, a ten year renewable visa and various other privileges. The programme is primarily attracting people who wish to retire in Malaysia or spend extended periods here.

Business Insiders, a prominent American business site ranked Malaysia as the Top 20 countries to migrate based on experience, economics, and raising children abroad. There are multiple attractions which make

Malaysia a perfect choice for Second Home.

  1. Malaysia is a politically and economically stable country.
  2. Malaysian people are warm and friendly.
  3. Living cost in Malaysia is relatively low as compared to Hong Kong and Singapore.
  4. English language is widely used in Malaysia which facilitates communication.
  5. Malaysia has a classic equatorial climate with uniform temperature and it’s suitable for elderly people.
  6. Malaysia is an education hub with excellent international schools and colleges.
  7. Malaysia government practices liberal investment and tax policies.
  8. World class private hospitals and health care system.
  9. The country has generally good infrastructure with a world class airport, modern capital city and well-developed road network.
  10. The country offers good telecommunications both internally and internationally. Making international calls is very easy; there is a good selection of mobile phone providers and high speed internet connections.
  11. A place of peaceful living free from natural disasters like volcano eruptions, tsunamis and earthquakes.
  12. Malaysia has the advantage of being one of the lowest populated countries in Asia. This means plenty of unspoiled countryside where you can explore the jungle, hill stations and tropical islands or relax on the many beaches.
  13. International cuisine is available here at reasonable cost. Malaysia is a culturally rich country where all races living in harmony and picked up the best of each other’s food and made Malaysia into Asia Food Paradise.
  14. Similarly the tropical fruits of Malaysia are unique, exotic and available in abundance practically throughout the year.
  15. The country has everything for the family – theme parks, jungle trails, sports, water sports, golf courses, shopping, watching movie, bowling, night markets and etc.
  16. Malaysia offers an excellent mix of Asian cultures but for those who wish to discover the rest of Asia there are direct non-stop flights to every capital city in Asia.
  17. There are plenty of local festivals to watch and a number of theatre groups have been set up. If you prefer staying at home then satellite TV offers many channels of international entertainment.

Malaysia has all essential criteria to be a perfect choice for Second Home. SummerPlace Travel offers customized tour and services to help you explore Malaysia culture and market.